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Our Story

We started out in 2006, with 2 tiny little greenhouses They were 10x16 each, put end to end, we had a total of 320 sq ft. of space. This was something that I could do and still be home for the kids and the animals on the farm.

In 2007 we put up Greenhouse # 1.   - 20'x40', we continued to work hard and growing beautiful healthy plants, and a great customer base.

Then in 2009 we built Greenhouse # 2 - 20'x60',

In 2011 we celebrated 5 yrs in business,  A big thank you  to our customers!

In 2011 we also were honored with doing the H.C.S. basket fundraiser, and it was a real success,we mixed some black soil in with the soiless mix for all the baskets, so they don't dry out as quickly, we did this with all our baskets this year, and will continue to do so. 

This year Trevor is busy working on a drip watering system for Greenhouse # 2!

We have 2000' sq ft of greenhouse and every year we try to grow, healthier, stronger,  plants. We try a few new varieties of bedding plants  every year, but have some that we grow faithfully every year. We are always open to comments, advice , a smile and a friendly Hello! Thanks for stopping by the website, and thank you to all our customers! Hope to see you at The Farm Greenhouse this 2012 season!


We will be doing the  Basket fundraiser once again this year.This year the fundraiser if for  Graduation Class of 2012 from Thorhild Central School. Below are the pics of the colors that are available for this years fundraiser. The top 6 colors are Petunia Baksets, the bottom 2 are Calabrachoa combo baskets ( all baskets are 10" )






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